Mike Azria-Photography & Creative Directing- Contact and information page.

Will travel. Will shoot. Will amaze.

Mike Azria is a Parisian born/Los Angeles based photographer specializing in Fashion Photography.

This original LA street artist, (later) self taught graphic & home accessories designer has been creating and designing 'images' his entire life. Being extremely well versed, both in the arts as well as the commerce side of the business, has given him the exact balance clients are looking for.

His organic understanding of the importance of brand loyalty, brand presence, esthetic, and visual representation... are just a few of his strong-suits.

Through his own fashion endeavors, experiences, and family lineage, he has set forth to make a difference in the fashion photography business.

In brief, photography it is what he loves, what challenges & inspires him…and perhaps most importantly, what comes to him most 'naturally'. 

email for any and all business inquiries.

Professional lighting equipment, stylists, MUAH, models and studio space are all available upon request and can be booked in less than 48 hours.

Instagram: mikeazria